Ric's Massage Therapy
"Wait until I get my hands on you"
About the Practitioner

Ric Webb LMT

I received my training at Heritage College of Health Careers, Kansas City MO. 

I obtained an AOS degree from Heritage; after completing 1200 hours of training.


When asked why I do what I do, I answer; to offer massage that is refreshment to your body, mind and spirit.

First, as most of us work in a career that requires us to work several hours every day with our arms in front of our bodies; this causes us to roll our shoulders forward, thus disrupting the balance in our muscular system. Clients that have to get in a vehicle and drive after receiving the massage cause them to put the shoulders and arm back in the position that has been released during the massage. Clients that receive a massage in a familiar environment are able to relax more deeply, as well as give the muscles time to readjust the muscle memory and give a longer benefit of the massage.

Secondly, massage releases several chemicals in our brains, including Oxytocin, Serotonin, Dopamine, Encephalin and Endorphins. (See descriptions on benefits page.) By receiving a massage at a location where the client is not required to drive immediately afterwards, allows the effects of the brain chemicals to last longer and offer a greater result.



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