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Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Ric is offering, male clients, one hour massage sessions for $65.00 or one and a half hour massage sessions for $90.00.

Massage can be used for Pain management, relaxation and balancing the body, mind and spirit.

I specialize in the treatment of male clients suffering from low back or leg pain; offering an eclectic array of pain management and relaxation techniques.

I believe, massage facilitates relaxation and pain management through specific manipulation of muscles and soft tissue. This is the physical side of massage.

Secondly, massage facilitates relaxation through simple touch. The power of touch from one human to another touches a primal part of our brain. Good touch makes us feel safe, content and relaxed. This is the mental side of massage.

The best possible results from massage come when the practitioner is able to meld together the physical and mental side of massage, which then relaxes us at our Soul.

I combined all of the above results with a massage that offers moderate to deep pressure. I concentrate on areas of pain and muscular congestion, coupled with a soothing relaxing touch. Open communication between client and therapist regarding pressure, pain level and areas that feel good or bad, make for the best possible experience.





Deep Tissue Massage$65.00 / 60 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage$90.00 / 90 minutes
Touch For Health$65.00 / 60 minutes
Touch For Health$90.00 / 90 minutes
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